The International Nazarene Beit Din is a body of Nazarene Zakenim ("Elders") formed in 1996 in accordance with the Torah (Dt. 16:18; Ex. 18:19-26). The Beit Din exists as a Rosh Beit Din (Head Beit Din) to resolve halachic issues and other matters scripturally assigned to the beit din. The beit din system is both the biblical way and the Jewish way for Nazarene Judaism to establish halacha and govern itself. The International Nazarene Beit Din operates in the biblical tradition of the ancient Nazarene Beit Din headed by Ya'akov HaTzadik (James the Just) (see Acts 15). It is our hope that the International Nazarene Beit Din will be helpful to Nazarenes everywhere as we work together to reestablish first century Nazarene halacha and endeavor to the unity of the body in the bond of peace.

The International Nazarene Beit Din is comprised of
The Council of Emissaries and The Great Nazarene Sanhedrin.

The Basis for Nazarene Halachic Authority